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Authentic experiences to live the true essence of Gargano

Much more than a holiday destination, Gargano is an all sensory experience: the green uniquely shaped olive trees, the sweet citrusy smell in the air, the dough of homemade orecchiette, the ruby red of ripe tomatoes, the rhythm of a beating tammorra, a glass of wine accompanied by taralli and the many stories told by the locals. You can experience all this first hand at Il Giardino Hotel. Through authentic experiences we will help you discover the true essence of Gargano, one made of stories, encounters, flavours and emotions which make the best of memories.
Discover the true flavours of Apulia with cooking classes in Gargano
Who has already been in Gargano knows this very well: this land stays in our hearts not only for its marvellous landscapes but also for its exquisite culinary tradition made of simple dishes, first quality ingredients and secrets passed on by generations. At the Hotel and Restaurant Il Giardino in Rodi Garganico you will have the opportunity to learn these recipes by taking part in our Apulian food cooking classes. If you really want to get to know the soul of this region, you can't miss this opportunity offered by our residence in Gargano. You will learn how to make the typical Apulian orecchiette, and you will also learn the techniques to create other types and shapes of handmade Apulian pasta such as troccoli, strascinati, or spaghetti alla chitarra. Thanks to the grandmothers' recipes and our chefs' tips you will have a zestful experience and at the end of this holiday you will be able to take home, on top of great memories of Apulia, a piece of the culinary culture of Apulia.

We organize personalized cooking classes on request. More info here.
Wine tasting: live a sensory experience in Gargano discovering Apulian wines.
Are you passionate about wines? Are you always looking for the best bottle of wine to enjoy or are you eager to start moving your first steps into this fascinating universe? At the Hotel and Restaurant Il Giardino in Rodi Garganico you will be able to enrich your holiday in Apulia with a unique sensory itinerary by taking part at the wine tastings which take place in our residence in Gargano. By tasting sophisticated wines, carefully chosen by our sommeliers, you will get to know the organoleptic characteristics of wine, the many varieties of grapes, the area of provenance, the winemaking techniques, and also the story of its manufacturer. An experience which will also be accompanied by the local gastronomic samples most suitable for each type of wine and vine.

We organize personalized wine tastings on request. More info here.
Discover on holiday the true essence of Apulia by tasting extra virgin olive oil in Gargano
Do you consider yourself as an expert in extra virgin olive oil? You haven't taken part yet in one of the extra virgin olive oil tastings organized by the Hotel and Restaurant Il Giardino in Rodi Garganico. Here we are in the homeland of olive oil: Apulia, the biggest manufacturer of olive oil in Italy and whose olive-growing culture is its mainspring. For this very reason an extra virgin olive oil tasting in this Hotel in Gargano is a truly authentic experience. During your stay you will live a sensory venture through the flavours and traditions of the culinary tradition of Apulia. Accompanied by experts in this sector, you will enter the world of extra virgin olive oil and its uses. You will learn to distinguish extra virgin olive oil from refined oils, discovering its nutritive and organoleptic qualities and characteristics.

We organize personalized extra virgin olive oil tastings on request. More info.

Adopts an Olive Tree in the Gargano

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